Tango Salon Shoes - Tango Shoes & Ballroom Shoes

Welcome to our full-service dance shoe boutique.

Based in Montgomery Al, we specialize in shoes for partner dancing - from tango shoes to ballroom shoes, from salsa shoes to swing shoes. Our ready-to-wear Stock Items come in neutral tones, half-sizes, different widths, and leather soles - for better performance on a variety of floor surfaces. In addition, we provide custom-made tango shoes and ballroom shoes - offering different soles, heels, straps, and over 40 colors of leather, suede, and novelty fabrics.
As a professional dancer, I require quality construction, comfort, and beauty in all Tango Salon Shoes - for customers and for myself. I wear them too! Leather-soled versions of these dance shoes are also great for special occasion, street wear. Comfort, function, and elegance....you can have it all! Spring 2024 update: The factory making Tango Salon Shoes has relocated to Mexico. Turnaround for "stock items" not on hand or custom orders is currently about 12 weeks.
Have a moving day,
Lynda Wilson